Elfiq Networks, headquartered in Montreal, has been providing market-leading link balancing products since 2004. .With today’s growing Internet demands, Elfiq Networks enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing, cloud computing and bandwidth management technologies. Using Elfiq Networks Link Balancers, companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection. Every day, local and global organizations of all sizes and verticals rely on Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancers and advanced network solutions.

Elfiq Networks offers the only true Layer-2 based link balancer on the market, enabling a new level of simplicity. The key benefit of this strategic product design is a seamless implementation of these appliances in a new environment as no changes are required to existing systems such as firewalls, VPN gateways and routers. This translates into direct cost savings since implementations are shorter end safer. Moreover the Elfiq LAN Failsafe feature guarantees connectivity even when the unit loses power.

TrueGEN has chosen Elfiq Networks as a preferred partner for its link balancing solutions.